Meet the Owner

Veteran Owned and Operated

Mike Spivey was born and raised into hard work and a great love for his country and its freedoms.  With these two traits, he joined the military at 18. He served 21 years combined active duty in both the Marine corps and Army.  After retirement, not one to stop seeking out challenges, Mike started Far North Tree Services. He and his team have worked in some of the toughest and most treacherous environments in Alaska.  With a personal standard honed by the military; hard work, discipline, attention to detail, and customer care are what set Mike and Far North apart from the competition.

Licensed and Insured

Our goal is to provide top quality tree service at an affordable price.  Our years of experience help us to provide you with the best prices for the best services.


Mike Spivey |Veteran Owned and Operated| Ranger| US Army| Marine |Far North Tree Services

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