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Stump Removal

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is a simple process that uses a portable machine called a stump grinder to mechanically grind out the tree stump. After the stump is ground out what is left is fine sawdust and wood chips as a residue where an ugly stump was before.

There are many reasons that stump removal is recommended like prevention of regrowth and reduction of pest infestation. The advantage of tree stump grinding is that the stump is ground down below the surface of the yard. This allows you to level the area where the stump was with soil and replant the area with whatever you desire.

Stump grinding is low impact on your yard. The stump grinder is maneuvered to where the stump is located, and the wood chips and shavings of the stump are left in place or raked into the hole created by the grinding according to the preference of the homeowner.

Stump grinding is easy to execute in yards that are landscaped or have other structures on them. A stump grinder uses an efficient cutting blade to get the job done and our workman use shields and screens to protect your property and buildings from the wood shavings that are kicked up from the grinding. Stump grinding provides the best way to remove stumps without the yard damage that would be caused by trying to remove the stump with an excavator or bulldozer.

Before Stump Removal

After Stump Removal

Why remove the stump?

Tree growth or regrowth: Leaving the stump unattended can encourage the growth of other smaller trees around it. Some species of trees can regrow from the leftover stumps.

Safety: Stumps are hazardous. People including children can trip and fall over these hazards.

Property Damage: Stumps can damage lawn mowers and snowplows. In the winter, snow can pile around a stump making it impossible to see.

Pests and diseases: Insects like carpenter ants, beetles, and termites are drawn to decaying tree stumps. If the tree carried a disease or parasite, an unremoved stump could spread these to other healthy plants and trees in the yard.

Aesthetics: Your yard looks better without stumps in it.

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