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Tree Removal

Maintain Safety and Aesthetics

Tree removal services are essential for maintaining safety and aesthetics in residential and commercial spaces. Far North Tree Service specialize in a wide range of tree care services. We offer top-notch tree removal and stump removal services, ensuring the health and beauty of trees. Whether it’s disease, beetle kill, damage, or hazardous conditions, we work with clients to safely and efficiently remove trees.

Signs to look for when you need tree removal

Not sure if a tree needs to be removed from your yard? But every time, there is a storm you become nervous with every creak?

Here are some signs to look for:

  • The tree is too close to the house or other structures on your property.
  • The branches overhang or touch a structure.
  • The roots of the tree are close to the foundation of a structure.
  • The tree has cracks, splits or cavities in the trunk.
  • The tree is leaning.
  • The tree did not bud or produce new leaves in the spring.
  • The tree is browning.
  • Pest infestation or disease are clearly taking place.
  • The tree is clearly sick or dying and you are worried about your other plants and trees.
  • The tree has branches hanging.
  • The sap, needles or leaves are damaging other parts of your property.

Leaving dead or dying trees in your yard can be a hazard to you and your property.

Danger trees

Dead trees are dangerous even when they don’t look it. A dead or dying tree is a risk to you, your family, your property and home, because structurally it is weak. It is more likely to have branches snap and fall or the whole tree fall over. You can’t tell when the right combination of weakened tree, storm and gravity will come together to have that tree come down. Trees that fall on their own are unpredictable and dangerous.

Even when these trees don’t fall, they create a threat to your other trees and plants. If a pest or disease prompted the tree’s decline, it’s critical to remove it so nearby trees aren’t at risk of infestation.

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